Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi on set, 15th April 2014.


Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi on set, 15th April 2014.

And can I ask you how you feel about racism in Doctor Who?

Whenever I see a group of space humans consisting entirely of white people, I imagine they’re all descended from an Eastern European nation state. Like Albania. Yeah, I think I’ll go with Albania. 

So there you have it. Destrii is Albanian. 

So I just listened to “Mary’s Story”

None. Of. You. Bitches. Warned. Me. 

That was completely, mind-blowingly fantastic. It ticked just about every single one of my “things I like in Doctor Who” tickboxes. I’ve been putting off listening to this audio for well over a year, thinking it wouldn’t be to my tastes. How wrong I was. 

For those of you who haven’t heard it yet: the Eighth Doctor, pre-Charlotte, meets the Eighth Doctor, post-Lucie. And that’s all I’m going to spoil. Everyone in this fandom get off your butts and go listen to it

Hello, erm, so you've posted some slash but I haven't seen you say anything about femslash, would it be rude to ask if you like ladies at all? :3

Hi, shy nonny! 

You’re right, I haven’t said much about f/f couples on this blog! But since you ask, I like ladies and dudes and dudeladies and most other people.

I’m very happy with the way that Doctor Who is inclusive of different groups, and that it strikes a great balance between presenting the sexual side of being queer in a positive light (which I think is very important) and at the same time including lots of queer characters in non-sexual ways (which is equally important).

Most media tend to go for one or the other — queer characters are presented either with their sex lives on display or practically as nuns. Doctor Who happily has both extremes, as well as everything in between: we’ve got Jack, and Izzy, and Fey, and Canton, and Tosh, and Vastra and Jenny, and Yates, and Vi and Nuane, and Oliver, and Fitz, and Caroline, and Majenta, and of course the Doctor himself — I could go on, but you get the idea! Lots of characters who are queer in their own individual ways, all across the spectrums from gay to straight and from poly to mono and from asexual to hypersexual and whatever other spectrums come into play, with varying levels of emphasis on their sexualities. I think the show is, and always will be, absolutely revolutionary in this regard. 

I’m an extremely sex-positive person, and I’m always delighted to see overtly sexual and especially positive sexual themes in fiction. But I also understand that other fans would prefer to see relationships (or particularly queer relationships) in Doctor Who presented without a sexual component. I respect that, too! That’s what’s great about this show, there’s always something for everyone. Always some character, or some situation, that you can identify with. It won’t always all be for you, but that’s the fun of it, isn’t it? 

Okay, got side-tracked there for a moment! Long story short, yes, I ship quite a few ladies, and if you ever want to chat with me about how great Izzy Sinclair is or why Toos totally had a crush on Leela that one time, feel free to send me a message. And I’ve still only scratched the surface of the expanded universe, so please let me know if you want to recommend me stories! 

Izzy was always, always, always gay. Alan Barnes had decided this right at the start of Endgame. We all agreed it was a nice idea — it neatly side-stepped any romantic complications for her and the Doctor. (Let’s face it, a 17-year-old heterosexual girl travelling with a Paul McGann lookalike? There’d have been a lot of tears before a lot of bedtimes.)
Scott Gray knows his audience too well.



Petition for season 34 of Doctor Who to be as campy as possible.


Reblogging just because I’ve never seen a  ”Do You Have A Licence To Save This Planet” gif before and don’t think I’ll ever see one in the wild again. 

I just started listening to "The Hounds Of Artemis", and it feels so weird — almost taboo — to hear Eleven in an audio. Not a recorded novel or a story told by his companions or anything, but genuinely just Matt Smith, acting in an audio-only story, playing Eleven. And it’s by James Goss, so it’s got a great plot as well. 



And Dan Starkey’s going to be the judge! :D

For anyone wishing Big Finish would make audios with Ten and Eleven: a reminder that the New Series Adventures original audiobooks by AudioGo are completely excellent, written by the same people who write for Big Finish, read by the TV series cast, and available from Audible. These are long, original prose audios, not based on any books or other existing material. 

The series is a bit obscure, and no longer available as physical copies since AudioGo went belly-up, but the ones I’ve heard so far are just brilliant. And you haven’t lived until you’ve heard David Tennant’s interpretation of what Donna sounds like. 

More headcanons please?


  • Eight has met more Claras than any other Doctor. Clever and brave outer space Claras, small and shy present-day Earth Claras, graceful Roman Claras, ancient Sumerian Claras, young Claras, old Claras, Claras he kissed, Claras he killed, probably several hundreds of them over the years. And he inevitably gets a bout of amnesia immediately afterwards and, in the end, doesn’t remember a single one. 
  • Six introduced Mel to Frobisher once. The team promptly bumped into Beep the Meep, who was planning a hostile takeover of Vortis together with a group of rogue Naxians. Our heroes defeated the dastardly villains — in song — and went out for ice cream afterwards. 
  • For months after the Siege of Wexford, Hex tried to get back into his normal routine — cheer up a bit, resume his workout schedule, get into shape again. But the sight of his wounds and his battle scars was too painful, and he could barely stand to look at himself in a mirror. He only started lifting weights again when, fed up with having to play Hex’s emotional crutch, Ace literally kicked his butt back to the gym. 
  • Jack Harkness met Sato Katsura one day, wandering around 17th-century Japan. They quickly became friends, fought off a random alien invasion attempt, shagged like rabbits, and parted ways again, neither of them ever realising they’d found another immortal. 
  • The War Doctor aged from a young man to an old, wisened warrior during his lifetime, but he spent at least a century of that time just sitting around moping. 
  • Ian and Barbara got together while they were living in ancient Rome, but they didn’t fall in love until after they’d escaped from Nero’s palace — having realised, while they were apart, just how much they cared for each other. They stayed together for the rest of their lives, and Eleven occasionally drops by for tea.
  • Ten knows all the lyrics to “Let It Go” and Donna wishes he’d stop belting it out every blinking morning before she’s had her coffee. 
Hi, can I ask about your headcanons? Ships or whatever? And how do you feel about the Doctor's pronouns?

Hi! Yes, absolutely! I have a million and one headcanons, so here’s a small grab-bag… 

  • Eleven visits Ada Gilliflower often, and they just hold hands and talk about the universe. Some days, he talks too much about all the things she’ll never see, and she cries, and he shuts up. She still teasingly calls him her “monster”, and he laughs at it, but there are days when he doesn’t laugh and she knows she’s accidentally crossed a line. It never stops being awkward.
  • Alison begins her life in the TARDIS completely convinced that the Doctor and the Master are banging. They actually don’t start until several months later, and the Doctor tries his best to keep it hidden from Alison, because he fears that it might scare her off. She thinks the whole thing is highly entertaining. 
  • Rose learns a million things from Jack about polyamory and sexual freedom. She knows she could never live that way, not really, but once she’s stuck at Bad Wolf Bay holding hands with the Doctor’s half-Donna clone, she silently thanks Jack for having opened her mind to the point where she’s not completely freaked out by it all.
  • Rory and Mels spent a lot of time together when they were kids. Mels did all the talking, and Rory just enjoyed her company. Amy wasn’t always invited.
  • Eight and Sam have long and heated debates about social justice, and they both get exasperated with each other, because he’s got centuries of perspective whereas she’s got all the passion and stubbornness that comes with being a teenager. They don’t usually manage to agree on things. When Sam learns that Time Lords can change their sex when they regenerate, she insists on finding the Doctor some custom pronouns, but he just smiles at her instead and offers her another cup of tea. 
  • Maxwell and Izzy see each other as brother and sister, and despite the age gap, they remain best friends for the rest of their lives. They watch a lot of giant robot anime. 
  • Jeremy Fitzoliver never ever ever shuts up about his time as a space traveller, even though it was decades ago, and his colleagues are bloody well sick and tired of it. 
  • The Doctor who travelled together with Alistair in an alternate reality, the one who existed when the TARDIS landed in Hong Kong and the Earth succumbed to nuclear war, who almost befriended Davros on Skaro and witnessed the beginnings of eternal peace between the Daleks and the Thals… he’s still out there, just exploring the universe, taking on companions, righting wrongs, forever blissfully unaware of the Last Great Time War that’s raging in other worlds.  
River Song providing literally the greatest line in all of Doctor Who. 

River Song providing literally the greatest line in all of Doctor Who. 

I kinda really wanna see Eleven and Izzy travelling together and being stupid dorks. :D