The deeper I get into Doctor Who, the more I’m starting to suspect it’s dimensionally transcendental or possibly fractal. There’s just no end to it. 

Like the official BBC “Scream Of The Shalka” sequel.

And the Benton spinoff.

And the two seasons of Tracer adventures.

And that one time Stephen Fry was a Time Lord. And the completely unrelated sequel to that which isn’t even part of any Doctor Who canon but still has Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy in it for no reason.

And Iris Wildthyme’s adventures long before she became part of Doctor Who.

And Mark Gatiss’ sequel to “The Green Death”.

And that time Nicholas Briggs was the Doctor for four seasons.

And that time Alan Moore wrote a Cyberman comic.

And when Grant Morrison had Seven hanging out with telepathic dinosaurs on a tropical beach.

And Jon Pertwee doing his own theme song.

And "Devious"

And "A Fix With Sontarans"

And "Torchwood: The Lost Files"

And "The Stranger". And "The Airzone Solution?" (a.k.a. that thing by Nicholas Briggs where Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant tenderly make out).

And whatever the hell this is.

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